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The security of a development site is a feature most property developers forget, quite often it is not something...

You can have a great ‘feel’ for what properties will sell, as well as which particular sectors they would...

The term ‘depreciation’ as it relates to property (particularly buy to let investments) can be looked at in two...

A win-win situation is the rarest of results – one that is truly good for everyone involved. It’s a...

Lack of communication can be frustrating, particularly in business. But there shouldn’t be any excuse for it these days...

Joint venture partnerships involve going into business with another individual (or individuals). It often works well when one of...

For those not in the property business, it’s common to think of serviced accommodation as upmarket apartments complete with...

An off-plan property is an apartment or house for which there are plans, but no building. The dwelling could...

An exit strategy should always be part of your property investment plans – for each individual property – regardless...

Keeping costs low and maximising returns on your investment properties should be the aim of all property investors, right?...

There may be a proliferation of property portals online selling and letting out properties, but the estate agent is...

A tax dispute is when an individual or company disagree with HMRC over the amount of tax they have...