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Roll the dice! – taking chances? Please do not try this in property! The golden rule is: KNOW YOUR...

You may already be familiar with the term franchising, but aren’t sure exactly what it involves. Well actually, there...

Considering buying a franchise? If you’ve already decided which sector you want to get into, then great! But before...

Fed up working hard and making your boss rich, but don’t have an idea to start up in business...

There are twice as many Build to Rent (BTR) homes planned for Glasgow than there is for Edinburgh, and...

The North West was awarded more construction contracts than anywhere else in the UK (including London) in June this...

Property sales rose fastest in the North East than anywhere else in the UK in August this year, according...

The number of private residential properties sitting empty in Wales has increased by 40 per cent – or 27,000...

Property values in the East Midlands fared far better than homes and apartments in the West of the region...

Sands End in Fulham and Mill Hill in Barnet are two areas of North London which are heavily under...

Paddington’s proposed stunning new skyscraper and the transformation of Acton are two areas of West London which are undergoing...

If you’re British and of a certain age, then you could be forgiven for lapsing into déjà vu every...