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Getting to grips with a foreign country’s legal, economic and cultural systems can be difficult enough, but often the...

All buy to let landlords have to pay tax on the amount of income they receive from tenants who...

As your property portfolio expands you’ll have more assets on your hand, meaning your life will likely become much...

Want to invest in property – but without the hassle of a physical bricks and mortar asset to look...

If you’re considering setting up a property business in the UK, then there are certain financial formalities to come...

There’s no doubt about it, starting up a business as a property developer can be hugely expensive. Start-up costs,...

Not all property strategies are high earners – one strategy may work well for one individual, but prove to...

Just as an individual pays income tax, a company is liable for corporation tax. This is the case for...

Buying property differs between countries – considerably, in some cases. Between Scotland and England, for example, the house bidding...

When it comes to buying investment property in the UK, location is everything. Right now, average property values in...

(Top hands-free property investment Strategies) Capital growth is the amount of money that your property accrues as time goes...

With the London property market being as big as it is, I have to stay ahead of the curve...