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  • Ep 1 – No Money Down Property Deals

    In the first episode of the Sourced Property Podcast, we talk about the latest news in the industry, ‘No Money …

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  • Ep 2 – From Military to Property

    This episode starts the series hosted by Paul Rose – ‘All About Property Sourcing’.

    Listen t…

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  • Ep 4 – Q&A – All About Property Sourcing

    In this episode of All About Property Sourcing, Paul Rose answers questions sent to us by our listeners.

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  • Ep 5 – Setting Goals And Targets

    Tune in to find out how to avoid being gazumped in property and what to do when it happens to you, learn all about se…

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  • EP 6 – How To Generate An Income By Packaging Property Deals

    Deal packaging is a very common and profitable practice in property investing. In this episode of All About Property …

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  • Ep 7 – How To Generate BMV Property Leads Through Chain Breaking

    Chain Breaking is a very effective way of finding Below Market Value properties, whether you’re a property inve…

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