]Lack of communication can be frustrating, particularly in business. But there shouldn’t be any excuse for it these days – even if you do live thousands of miles away from your partner/s.

There are so many wonderful ways to communicate online that it’s as easy as if the individual you wanted to talk to was on the other side of the room. Easier even, in many cases, since there’s no distractions if it’s a one-on-one with Skype or Zoom. Here are some of our favourite platforms for communicating, and why:

How to communicate remotely

  • A fabulous tool to use if you don’t have a great memory or are poor at note taking. That’s because it will record your conversation for you with one click of the mouse. Like Skype, it’s one-to-one video conferencing (or group meetings) tool with instant messaging and file sharing. This works on desktop and mobile.
  • Unlike Zoom, this video and audio-conferencing service is free (although it’s not great with group meetings). It also has instant messaging and can be used with both desktop and mobile.
  • A great way to share information and communicate with more than one individual instantly (send texts or call). And it’s free! Share photographs as well as upload files.
  • Facebook messenger. Another free way to instantly send messages, pictures and files, this is part of the Facebook package (so you have to sign up for a Facebook profile to use it). Again, it has both excellent audio and visual functions.

How to do business remotely

  • Being overseas, you don’t always get the opportunity to meet tenants face-to-face. With something like DocuSign, you don’t have to in order to do business. This software programme will allow them to sign your lease online. You can also sign contracts with other property professionals such as conveyancers, accountant and surveyors etc. with this.
  • Arthur Online. This is an app that creates repeat (or new) invoices for tenants – so you don’t have to! It will also store tenant leases and inventories, and reminds landlords of any regular management activities to be carried out.
  • This is a free work management platform which allows you to keep track of business. It creates compliance records and produces checklists for repeat work e.g. cleaning. The tool allows you to store notes too.
  • Want to see the copy of a lease before it’s signed and sync it to your laptop or mobile? Then using Dropbox is the way to do it. It’s also free – up to a point (if you don’t use up too much space).
  • Another free service, this is an excellent way of sharing large files such as images of a property, or a floor plan, for instance.
  • Landlord Referencing. You can make sure you are abiding by UK tenant laws when you use this online service to check any prospective tenants have the right to rent in the UK. It will also do a credit and employment check on them for your peace of mind.