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Are you looking to get involved in a project but don’t have the experience? Or you are looking for a competitive return? Our team can help you.

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We Work with Investors in the UK and Overseas.

Sourced has a network of over 150 offices and is well connected with reputable developers and other investors, who are keen to joint venture on UK property development projects.

Investors interested in joint venture property opportunities with UK developers, can invest between 10-100% on a project with a 6-18 month term. The rewards on offer are up to 30% return on equity with security in the land or property project.

Developers seeking joint venture property partners with investment capital between £200,000 to £2,000,000, have experience in the industry and are supported by the Sourced HQ team who have over 75 years combined property development experience.

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Reasons to join our community...

  • We provide attractive projects, earning you up to 30% return.

  • You can invest completely hands free, saving you time.

  • The largest property investment company in the UK with 150+ offices.

  • £270m+ property transactions, learn from our experienced team.

  • We can find you the best deal, whatever your requirements are.

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