Once you have a fantastic property deal to present to a prospective investor, you’ll have to set up a meeting to present it to them. But how do you do this if you can’t get together in person? This is a regular occurrence – many investors are either tied up in meetings through the week, or they could even be abroad. So how exactly do you present it online?

Using software tools to present your deals

One of the best ways is via a PowerPoint presentation. This should show photographs of the property and list all the reasons why it’s a good deal. The priority has to be how much the investor stands to gain (whether he or she decides to sell the property or rent it out as a buy to let). This has to be backed up with information about the buyer/rental market in that particular location, including data about what other properties there sell/rent out for.

Another means of presenting a deal could be via a PDF document. This too could include photographs and all the above information. It tends to be easier to send online than a PowerPoint presentation and includes more detail (since PowerPoint presentations tend to be bullet point summaries).

It’s possible to compile an e-book of the deal using free templates you can download and easily add content to. Or perhaps you’d prefer to get bang up to date and include a virtual tour of the property itself.

Depending on availability, you may prefer to do a direct conference call with an investor. There are free tools you can use such as Skype or Zoom (the latter automatically records your conversation so you can go over what’s been said at a later date).

Your own property biography

Whichever way you choose to present your property deal, it should always include a biography about yourself and why you’re a credible person to source and provide the deal. This means outlining your ‘property credentials’ i.e. previous deals you have sourced, any experience you have in the property industry, and testimonials from experienced property professionals or mentors you’ve worked with. If you happen to be a member of a property group with seasoned property experts, such as those with Sourced, then it’s good to mention this too.

Other ways to present yourself online is via social media platforms, especially the business site LinkedIn. Have a Facebook page and Twitter account where you post relevant information on the property sector. It’s an idea too to have your own website to show who you are and the kind of deals you’re interested in, while also showcase previous wins you’ve had for clients.

How to find your prospective investor online

But what if you don’t have a list of potential investors lined up to jump at the current deal you have? How are you going to find them? Well, it’s not impossible to do so online, especially if you advertise via your Facebook or Twitter pages (where hopefully your credibility and knowledge on the property sector has led to a large following).

You could also go on to property forums where you know there are plenty of investors and would-be landlords who like to follow debates and leave comments. If you have a database of investors, then email them any details to see if they’re interested. Then you can follow-up with a Skype or Zoom call. It couldn’t be easier…