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  • Rare Opportunity to Purchase 3 Tenanted Properties in Prime Locations

    Add these properties to your portfolio by taking advantage of this BMV deal. All 3 properties are fully tenanted and have a total rental income of £48,900 per annum.
    Guide Price
    £1,400,000 Property 1: Glasshouse Field, Wapping, London, E1W 3AB (2 bedroom apartment) - tenanted at £19,500 Property 2: Clarence Road, Hackney Central, London, E5 8HB (1 bedroom studio apartment) - tenanted at £13,200 per annum Property 3: Temple Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 6GE (1 bedroom apartment) - tenanted at £16,200 per annum Airbnb model has potential to bring in £130k per annum.
  • Unique 2 Turnkey Purchase Lease Option HMOs with an ROI of 111%

    The plan is to run as HMOs for the 5 years and then utilise the option to buy. Based on the current market performance, you would be looking to earn £40k+ in profit over the 5 years, and then have the option to buy at £450k.
    Guide Price
    £450,000 Monthly payment to vendor: £2,400 Legals: approx £800 Option fee: £,2000 (will come off the purchase price) Sourcing fee: £10,000 (£5,000) per property Purchase price in 5 years for both properties: £450k Profit per annum: £10,872 Profit after 5 years after costs: £44,560 ROI: 111%
  • 36 Acres Land Development Opportunity with a JV and Option Agreements Option

    The freehold landowner is open to all offers and is seeking £1.25m and is open to joint ventures, option agreements etc.
    Guide Price
    £1,250,000 No planning applications have been made with the council.
  • Development Opportunity for 197 High-End Apartments in London with a JV Option

    This opportunity has planning permission granted and offers in the region of £22.5m.
    Guide Price
    £22,500,000 Demolition of the existing buildings and redevelopment to provide part 3-8 storey buildings providing mixed-use development, comprising residential accommodation, flexible retail units, flexible workspaces, a hotel, and a public courtyard, with associated site access, car and cycle parking, and landscaping works.
  • Planning Approved for 2 x 3 Semi-Detached Dwellings with a Potential JV Opportunity

    This site is located in an excellent area with great road links and access to the A1, A428, A421 and A14.
    Guide Price
    £200,000 The scheme is as guaranteed as it can be for planning approval considering the previous scheme comprising 3 x 3 bed semi-detached dwellings were favourably assessed by the LPA and received no significant objections from neighbours. The scheme was abandoned on the grounds that the landowner will remain the neighbour and wished to improve their outlook hence the reduction.
  • 20% BMV 1 Bed Flat with 3 Profitable Strategies

    You can either purchase and flip straight away for a profit, add to your portfolio, the current tenancy agreement runs for 12 months or BRRR (buy, refurbish, rent, refinance).
    Guide Price
    £46,500 1 bedroom 1 bathroom Living room Kitchen Parking
  • Development Opportunity for 8 Residential Units in London with Planning Permission

    The freehold landowner invites offers in the region of £1.5m. The vendor is not interested in a JV and the site is not held in a company that can be bought.
    Guide Price
    £1,500,000 The proposal falls below the 10 unit threshold, therefore, affordable housing is not required.
  • 2 Bed Duplex Apartment with Fantastic Road Connections/Links

    This property has private parking, is situated within the town centre and is a short walk to bus and train stations with direct links to Manchester and London.
    Guide Price
    £160,000 2 bedroom duplex apartment in period conversion with private parking and situated within the town centre and short walk to bus and train stations with direct links to Manchester and London.
  • ​Incredible BTL Investment Opportunity with a Guaranteed Rent

    Excellent hands-off buy-to-let investment with a guaranteed rent of £15,500 paid monthly over 3 years.
    Guide Price
    £105,000 1 bedroom apartment in period conversion with private parking and situated within the town centre and short walk to bus and train stations with direct links to Manchester and London.
  • Affordable BMV Commercial Let with 5 Apartments and a 13% ROCE

    This property has tenants in place giving any investor an armchair investment opportunity from day 1.
    Guide Price
    £200,000 Number 27 - Very well known hairdresser from Stockton established over 40 years Number 27a-e - All 5 apartments are leased to Stockton flats. Stockton flats are a well established company around the Teesside area with over 40 years of experience owning and letting residential property. This is the 2nd consecutive lease they have had on this property and we are quite certain that if offered they would take a 3rd term, however the purchaser could take control of the lease and let them out themselves.
  • 40 Dwelling Development Opportunity in Anglesey with Excellent Connections

    The landowner is open to all options: unconditional sale, STP and JV. For an unconditional sale, the landowner is seeking £1,000,000.
    Guide Price
    £1,000,000 The north side of the site is bounded by an access road called Bryn Gwna which serves 10 houses; it includes all utilities excluding gas. The site is broadly flat with a slope of 5m from the low west boundary heading east. The site is free of any protected or priority species, designated sites, important habitats or other biodiversity features and has no geological conservation importance.
  • Outstanding Residential Development Opportunity for 25-32 Dwellings

    The site is flat, has good road access and is adjacent to urban settlements. The vendor is also open to all offers: outright acquisition, option, STP and JV.
    Guide Price
    £2,100,000 The site sits adjacent land covered by Policy SS/2 of the Adopted Local Plan of 2018. The land of SS/2 will be developed as part of a sustainable housing-led urban extension of Cambridge. The Cambridge Green Belt was revised to accommodate it. The development of the adjoining site is proposed to help meet the high level of housing needed in the district. The site formed part of a planning application for residential dwellings in 1971 which was refused.