Sourced Property, the sourcing arm of the Sourced Group, has launched a bespoke property listing app, focused on the investor market. The app is loaded with new property deals daily, which are sourced by a network of over 150 professional sourcers. The network supplies profitable deals for a variety of strategies, allowing investors to grow their portfolios with confidence. The types of deals include: conversions, developments, buy to sells, title splits, lease options, buy to lets, HMOs, rent to rents, serviced accommodations and refurbishments.

Identifying the Property app gap

Property investors work with sourcers, because going through the process of identifying and analysing a deal that matches specific goals, budget and strategy is challenging. The whole process is time-consuming too, so busy investors prefer to outsource it. “We are investors ourselves and we understand how difficult it is to find good deals.” Chris Kirkwood, Franchise Director at Sourced shares. “We realised that there was a gap in the market, we couldn’t find an app that was made specifically for investors and sustained a steady supply of deals. We wanted to build an app that would serve investors with packaged deals, which we would have invested in ourselves.” As a result, Sourced Property Investment app was created.

search function on the app

Rather than just property price and type, you can choose your investment strategy and rent

What Makes the app Different?

“We used our knowledge of property sourcing and working with investors, to create a tool that, essentially, takes the hassle out of sourcing.” Chris says. “Many sourcers try to sell deals they don’t have any right to sell and offer little to no due diligence. With Sourced, you can be sure that each deal has been carefully assessed and that we are selling with vendors’ permissions.”

Sourced Property consists of members of Sourced Franchise, who source and package property deals from across the UK. They are trained and supported by the head office team, to ensure they only present profitable deals to investors. “With the volume of deals we were promoting to investors, it made sense to take our deal marketing to another level and introduce a mobile-first approach.” Kirkwood adds.

How Does it Work?

Unlike the popular property search portals, the app has been developed with investors as the target audience. Each property listed has already been matched to a strategy, so rather than, for example, going through pages of 2 bed semis and crunching the numbers, you are presented with ready-made deals supplied with due diligence.

“The time spent trawling various sites to find potential deals is a killer – this app is a life saver.”


Furthermore, the app is equipped with a search engine which allows to filter deals by investment strategy, region, price/rent and more. To add an element of fun, you can see all new deals on one page, and swipe left to skip to the next one or right to save to your favourites.

Swipe to save deals to favourites

The swipe feature on Sourced Property Investment app

The property industry is a dynamic space and to help investors stay up to date, the app also has a Content Hub with news, podcasts, articles and videos.

Why Investors Work with Sourced Property?

Property investors trust the Sourced brand and understand that all the nationwide sourcers operate to the same standards and best practices. Deals presented by the Sourced network undergo a multi-stage due diligence process. When an agent finds a deal, they crunch the numbers and research the local area for comparables. Then, an internal support team assesses the deal to make sure all the numbers stack up and the chosen strategy actually works. Lastly, once all the checks are complete, the deal can be uploaded to our app.

property listing on the app

The listing pages have been customized to suit investors’ needs

“I love how easily you can get the figures and the contact within the app is great.”


Investors are able to contact selling agents directly from the app, either by the built-in chat, a phone call or email. It enables both parties to build a relationship and work together on multiple deals. If none of the live deals match your requirements, you can request a Sourced to Order service with your local Sourced agent, who will find deals that match your portfolio criteria.

What Does it Cost?

The app is available completely free of charge, and there are no fees or subscriptions. When you decide to buy a property from one of our sourcers, a standard sourcing fee will apply, which is typically around 2% of the purchase price. In addition, you can reserve deals for free, right within the app.

How to Access Sourced’s Exclusive Deals?

The app is available now across most iOS and Android mobile devices. Download now to start browsing through read-made property deals:

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