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So you don’t have the time, experience or knowledge to find the perfect investment property for you? Don’t panic we have you covered!

The Sourced Network of offices across the UK will search for your ideal property that matches your criteria. Our experienced team will run the numbers, view the property and present our findings to you. We will even help to manage the sale through to exchange and completion when our Sourced to Order fee is then payable. Meaning, if we don’t find you the right property, you don’t pay a fee!

Simply complete this short form confirming your investment criteria, provide proof of address and fully refundable concierge fee* to confirm you are a serious buyer and instruct sourced to start searching!

Please note that a sourcing fee of around 2% or £2,000 minimum applies.

Challenge Sourced to find your perfect investment in 30 days or get free legals*

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We provide attractive projects, earning you up to 15% yield

A HMRC and FCA approved company

Save time, let us do the searching for you

The largest property investment company in the UK with over  100 offices

Have transacted over £270 million in property

We can find you the best deal for your requirements

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Take advantage of our Sourced to Order Service

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Fully refundable Concierge service fee
Sourcing the right property for you can take a good amount of time therefore to ensure we know that you are a serious investor we ask for a fully refundable £250 concierge service fee. See our terms and conditions below.

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