If you’re interested in buying property in the UK, but live overseas, then you will probably be doing most of your research online. But where are the best places to meet people in the industry via internet resources and social media? Well, we’ve made a list of some of our own personal favourites below. Not only can you tune into them online and take part in discussions, but you’ll also learn of upcoming physical events so that you can make the best use of your time if you happen to be visiting the UK.

Online Forums. There are quite a few of these to be found on the web these days. And some of the best ones really are worth tuning in to on a regular basis. That way, you will find details about new proposed legislation (and possible campaigns against it), as well as discussions and property tips by landlords and investors. Some of the more popular and heavily-subscribed online forums are Property Tribes, Landlord Zone and Property118.

Facebook groups. Some of these groups are public, others closed (but will welcome new members who will in turn usually have to answer some property-related questions). As well as giving out information such as with online forums, where investors and landlords answer each other’s questions, these will also highlight upcoming networking events and link to recent newspaper or magazine articles followers may be interested in. Some of the groups with the biggest number of followers and participants include UK Property Traders, The HMO Group and Property Investors Group UK.

MeetUp groups. These are where people get together to discuss related topics, such as HMO investment, landlords in the North etc. They can often become physical meetups, but there can be informative chats and discussions online on these forums too. Some of the most popular meetups in the UK currently are:
UK Property Network Live and UK Property Network Leicester.

Linkedin. Many groups, companies and individual property investors have pages on LinkedIn (the social media channel for professionals). One of the best independent groups on this is the Property Investor’s Forum. On it, you’ll find investment agents, fund managers, lawyers, academics and actuaries amongst others. It operates in London, Scotland, the Midlands and the North of England. Property Investors Network is big here too, and we’ve already mentioned them in our Facebook Groups. Another independent group on LinkedIn is UK Landlords, which has more than 1500 members.

Online networking events. There are a number of online property investing conferences you can join in with. Known as Webinars, one of the main promoters is Property Week also does free webinars. The National Landlord Association creates regular webinars which are worth tuning in to. You can view new and previous sessions via the

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