An area of London famed for its cosmopolitan mix of residents, friendly communities and some of the best transport links in the capital, West London provides many impressive property investment hotspots.

Its six boroughs are already home to around 1.47 million individuals – around a quarter of whom are non-EU residents.

Green spaces and getting around

Parks, such as Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Gunnersbury Park and Brent Lodge are in abundance and prove a magnet for families and nature lovers, while the fantastic shopping opportunities and eating establishments West London has to offer, especially in terms of award-winning international cuisine, are regularly frequented by young professionals.  If you’re a history lover then you’re in luck too, with plenty of stately homes to visit (not least Kensington Palace).

The Elizabeth Line (also known as “Crossrail”) is about to make its mark, which will, in turn, boost the area’s appeal to would-be residents, especially to those working in the city centre who will appreciate the slashed commute time. It means that the development of Ealing Broadway as well as the regeneration of Hounslow Centre will prove irresistible for those looking to earn impressive sums of money through property investing.

Rents and yields in West London

Certain areas of West London are, of course, far more affordable than others – and we count Action, Ealing and Hounslow in particular as being in this bracket. In March this year, Land Registry data showed that the average property in North Ealing was valued at £788,580 with weekly rentals of £536. In Acton property was £661,871 with a weekly rental of £452, while in Hounslow the average property was valued at £408,499 – a whopping 35.9% lower than the London Average of £637,378. The average weekly rental meanwhile came in at £595.

In terms of yields for residential properties, the average in Ealing is around 3.4% per year, in Acton it’s 3.4% and in Hounslow 4%.

Affordable Acton, Hounslow and Ealing

An area which attracts a lot of Australians and New Zealanders, Acton is thriving these days and proving popular with families thanks to its parks and retail establishments, not to mention loads of new cafes and bars.

Hounslow, too, has come up in the world in recent years and in 2015 secured funding for an £18.5 million investment to secure thousands of new homes in the centre of town, and a wider regeneration is planned to hit £151 million by 2025. The area has a large Indian community and is very close to Heathrow.

Big attractions in Hounslow include the local arts centre and Paul Robeson Theatre, as well as a number of stately homes, including the former country estate of Georgian painter William Hogarth.

In Ealing, you’ll find a large Irish community mixes with predominately English residents. There are plenty of parks, and residents can enjoy a choice of a range of cuisines with restaurants themed from Japanese to Greek. The many parks provide welcome green space and Walpole Park even hosts an annual Jazz festival. The London Wildcare field centre is a popular animal sanctuary in the area which has a large educational bent.

How to invest in property in West London

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